Brands We Carry


Proudly Made In Our Kentucy Kitchens. High Protein Dog & Cat Foods To Support Pet Health. Supplies Nutrients Naturally, Reducing The Need For Synthetic Vitamins And Amino-Acids.

Almo Nature

First company in the world to make food for dogs and cats using the same quality ingredients as for humans.


Made in USA, Fleetwood, PA. " AnswersTM Pet Food is a nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefoods specifically formulated by a nutritional scientist to find the most species-appropriate diet for pets of all ages. We use whole cuts of organic and pasture-raised meat, organs and bone, and offer superfoods to give your pets optimal nourishment. We are veterinarian used and recommended." "Along with having the highest standards in sourcing and quality of wholefoods, we are also proud to be the only fermented raw pet food available on the market. Our products are sustainably made without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetics or artifical additives, antibiotics, or GMOs. Answers’ nutrient-dense diets are specially formulated for dogs and cats of all ages. All of our formulas offer advanced nourishment and competitive inhibition through fermentation, using no high pressure processing (HPP), and with no bacteriophages, freeze-drying, or dehydration."

Bixbi Treats

Made in USA. No Artificial Ingredients. 100% USA Sourced Meats.

Carna 4

Made in Canada with USA ingredients. Sprouted seed snacks, dog and cat food, sprouted seeds topper. CarnaFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks contain live probiotics (18 billion cfu/kg) and enzymes- for cats and dogs.

Dave's Pet Food

"Our foods are all made in the USA or Canada except our Tuna Cat Food flavors. Those are made in Dolphin-Free Thailand plants. We do not use ingredients from China. "

Earth Animal

Made in USA. Wholesome dog food, healthy dog snacks, and rawhide-free No-Hide dog chews, remedies and supplements.

Farmina N&D

Made in Italy. Natural & Delicious Grain-Free and Low Ancestral Grain (with only ancestral grains- spelt and oats) food lines designed for a carnivores nutritional needs.


Kibble and canned products are made in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Made in USA, Wisconsin.

Honest Kitchen

Made in USA. 100% human-grade. Food, treats, supplements and broth.


Made in USA, Denver, Colorado. Products are made in small batches at micro-cannery using only the finest, freshest ingredients in BPA-free cans. Highest quality meat first, grain-free, gluten-free, legume-free & potato-free diets, always hormone, antibiotic & GMO free.


Our canneries include: Performance Pet Products in South Dakota; Simmons Foods in Toronto, Canada; and Thai Union in Thailand. KOHA Minimal Ingredient Pet Food. Carefully selected ingredients and simple cooking methods keep nutrients closer to their original state.


Made in California. Lotus oven-baked food, full of protein-rich meat, whole veggies and fruits and special omega-3 and 6-loaded oil blend, its also made by a process so uncommonly wholesome. Its called Baked-in Goodness. And its the reason Lotus is superior to other 'healthy' pet foods that are extruded.

My Perfect Pet

Made in USA. Uses only highest quality human grade ingredients prepared in our own commercial kitchen in the United States according to strictest FDA food

Nature's Logic

Made in the USA. Nature's Logic is not genetically engineered, free of common allergens, and is family owned.

North West Natural

Made in USA. Frozen and freeze dried food and treats for cats and dogs. Raw diet dog food: Chubs, Dinner Bars, Freeze Dried Diets, Freeze Dried Treats, Nuggets and more.

Northwest Natural

Made in USA- Portland, Oregon. Raw frozen and freeze dried diets and treats for dogs and cats.


Made in the USA, in Perham, Minnesota

Open Farm

Made in USA. Fish is exclusively ocean caught, certified humane meat.


Made in USA. Orijen is a premium brand of dog food and cat food manufactured in Kentucky by Champion Petfoods. ORIJEN foods naturally provide almost every nutrient your dog or cat needs, in highly bio-available forms, so there’s no need for long lists of synthetic additives.

Pet Naturals

Made in USA. Natural Supplements and treats for dogs and cats


Made in Canada. Dr. Jennifer Adolphe (our PhD) and her team come through with flying colours; one small piece of Petcurean kibble contains every ingredient; every protein, carb and fat source, vitamin and mineral your pet needs to sustain and nourish its life. Don’t use by-product meals or un-named meat meals.

Plato Pet Treats

Air-Dried in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world. Limited Ingredients, single source real meat.

Plato Pet Treats

Made in USA, California. The highest quality and safest ingredients for the best tasting pet treats possible.


Made in USA-California. Raw, freeze-dried and fresh pet foods

Pure Vita

Made in USA, in Perham, Minnesota

Small Batch

Made in Usa. Family owned raw pet food company using humanely raised, sustainable, organic, whole food ingredients.

Small Batch

Made in USA. "Just who is smallbatch? Well, let us tell you. We are a small family owned company based in the California Bay Area. Inspired by the wonderful local and sustainable sources around us, we set out to make a different kind of raw pet food."

Stella & Chewy

Made in USA. "We use the world’s finest and safest ingredients responsibly sourced from partners we trust. Our animal proteins – always grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught, or farm-raised – never contain added hormones or antibiotics. Recipes never include any artificial flavors, preservatives, or colorings."

Steve's Real Food

Made in USA, Utah. 100% natural, high-quality, USDA inspected, free-range meats & unprocessed whole and functional foods. The best quality 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free raw meat in the market for high sources of lean protein. No More Allergies or Hot Spots, more energy and less agitation
reduction in yeast issues, clearer eyes and ears, soft, full coat. Smaller, better smelling waste. Better health and reduction in chronic diseases.

The Real Meat Company

All products are packed in the USA or New Zealand with meats sourced from USA, New Zealand and Australia.
Meat in our products is sourced from free-range farms who humanely raise their animals without antibiotics or added growth hormones, and our fish are wild-caught from the oceans.

Vital Essentials

Made in USA. Frozen and freeze-dried cat food and treats. The healthiest frozen and freeze-dried raw dog food, treats, and snacks.


Made in Thailand. Human grade. Made by hand in the facility that make food for people. Ingredients that actually go into products for people, such as boneless, skinless chicken breast and fish loins hand-flaked off the bone.


Gently air dried, made in New Zealand, ethical and sustainable ingredients.